Watch: VICTON’s “Running Man”-Inspired Game Turns Into Hilarious Battle Of Wits, Strength, And Revenge

Fans of classic episodes of “Running Man” are bound to enjoy the latest episode of VICTON’s variety show!

Rookie boy group VICTON has been starring in their own web show “Born Identity,” with the episodes taking on themes inpsired by popular variety shows. The latest episode from June 27 features the guys playing a game inspired by the fan-favorite name tag ripping games on SBS’s “Running Man.”

VICTON’s game took place in a children’s museum, where the members were each tasked with the mission of collecting the alphabet letters hidden throughout the building that would form their own name. As they searched every inch of the building, the letters they collected had to be stuck to their shirts, making them vulnerable to attacks by any fellow member wanting to grab one of their letters for themselves.

The guys, who are fans of “Running Man” themselves, were competitive and cunning from the start but got even more intense when letters became few and far between — which is when the battle really began. During the game, VICTON showed off their wits and deviousness (by forming alliances and tricking each other) as well as speed and physical strength (with leader Seungwoo striking fear into the hearts of his members), and made sure to get revenge for betrayals!

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below.

The next episode of VICTON’s “Born Identity,” which will feature the guys playing the concluding part of their “Running Man”-inspired game, will be uploaded on June 29.

VICTON is housed under Plan A Entertainment (along with Apink and Huh Gak), and made their debut in November of 2016 with their debut track “I’m Fine.” They most recently released their second mini album “Ready,” which features the title track “Eyez Eyez.”