YG Reveals ONE Was Almost Nam Tae Hyun’s Replacement In WINNER

YG Entertainment recently admitted that they thought about having ONE replace Nam Tae Hyun In WINNER.

A representative from the agency revealed, “Back when Nam Tae Hyun decided to leave WINNER, the members had several meetings with CEO Yang Hyun Suk to discuss whether they should fill up the empty spot [with another member].”

Because WINNER was losing one of its two main vocalists, the members thought they needed another addition to the group. Since ONE was already close to the members of WINNER, they considered having him join the group. However, they ultimately decided not to add him, since the group needed a vocalist rather than a rapper.

It was then revealed that the biggest reason for not adding ONE to the group was because he was already in the midst of preparing for his solo debut.

Could you have imagined seeing ONE as a member of WINNER?

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