Watch: Ji Chang Wook Teases Nam Ji Hyun While Rehearsing For Kiss Scene In “Suspicious Partner”

SBS must know that fans just can’t get enough of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s chemistry because there just seems to be no end to the behind-the-scenes videos from “Suspicious Partner”!

The most recent video shows how THAT kiss scene came about, as it shows the two actors rehearsing the movements before filming. As usual, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s lovely and bubbly chemistry can be seen as the two entertain each other while waiting.

At one point, Nam Ji Hyun asks the director if they should back up towards the direction of the bedroom for one of the shots. The director responds that they shouldn’t and Nam Ji Hyun nods her understanding; however, Ji Chang Wook doesn’t let the moment pass by without teasing Nam Ji Hyun and said, “How could you possibly think of something like that?” which causes both Nam Ji Hyun and the director to burst out laughing.

She responds, “As soon as I said that I wondered if you were going to say something and, of course, you did!” Ji Chang Wook continues to tease her and says, “Wow, our Ji Hyun is an adult…,” to which Nam Ji Hyun explains, “I was just worried that we would trip while walking backwards!”

Watch the video below!

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