Contract Details Explained For Mnet’s Upcoming Girl Group Variety Show “Idol School”

On June 28, reports were made that entertainment and media contents company CJ E&M, which also houses Mnet, will be managing the group created from the graduates of “Idol School.”

CJ E&M responded that this is not true and revealed that they will soon be signing exclusive contracts with all of the students on the program because they are not signed to agencies. “They will be living together and training for five to six months for the program, so the participants will need continuous care to focus on this. Once the program ends, we will not be in charge of management anymore.”

They explained, “The students from “Idol School” will be split into the graduates who will be debuting and those who won’t. The graduates will be managed and supported by a company that can make the most of the debut group’s talents. We are still in discussion on what agency will take charge and how they will be managed and operated.”

CJ E&M ended by sharing, “We will not spare our support to the students that won’t be debuting, and the details on this aspect will become clear towards the end of the program. We will prioritize their personal wills and provide support for their future activities. Also, the students that don’t graduate can also discuss to terminate or adjust their contracts.”

“Idol School” is scheduled to air its first episode on July 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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