BLACKPINK Shares What Makes Them Realize Just How Popular They Are

BLACKPINK talked candidly about what makes them realize the extent of their popularity.

On the June 28 broadcast of “Kangta’s Starry Night,” BLACKPINK appeared as guests. During the broadcast, BLANKPINK was asked, “Do you feel your popularity?”

Jennie shared, “I do when people sing along to all our songs. I also feel it when people act shy around us.” Rose added, “I feel it when I go to the grocery store and the older women recognize me.”

At that, Kangta said, “Younger people are more aware of trends so they recognize [idols] right away. When the elders recognize you, that means that you’ve gotten really popular. You might also feel it when they give you extra food or drinks at restaurants.”

The BLACKPINK members agreed, saying, “It’s really touching when they do that.”

Kangta then said, “There will come a time when you will feel tired of the fact that everyone asks you for autographs, but when time passes and people don’t recognize you as much, you’ll feel disappointed. BLACKPINK is going to become more popular like that.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently made a successful comeback with “As If It’s Your Last.”

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