11 K-Drama Moments That Are Relatable If You’re Always Hangry

 And when you’re hangry, even Subway sounds good. 

Always hungry, but also a little bit angry? This post is just for you.

Before you eat:

After you eat:

My life motto:


*Cue awkward smile*

Friend: What are you thinking about?
Me: Nothing
My brain:

The reason I have friends:

Euntak is my spirit animal:

Me on Valentine’s Day:

The best thing about being single is you don’t have to share!

When you’re broke, but hungry:

The perfect man does not exist—

Took the words right outta my mouth. 

And when those late night munchies hit you:

Sometimes all it takes is a simple ramyun to make this world right again:

mayme22’s favorite Bible verses at the moment are Psalm 8:3-4

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