10 Great Songs To Fuel Your Coffee Addiction

One of my favorite things about Seoul is that you can’t walk a block without coming across a coffee shop, whether a chain store or little hole in the wall. Convenience stores are stocked with shelves of little coffee cans, and there’s even a shop in Hongdae that makes portrait latte art. Korea is basically heaven for coffee lovers.

This is true with music too. The Korean indie scene as well as the K-pop scene is full of songs that could fill a proper coffee-shop playlist for days, and there are even plenty of songs about coffee too. Been through a break-up and the smell of coffee makes you nostalgic? There’s a song for that. Feeling something as addictive as caffeine? There’s a song about that. Is your daily, cheap coffee as bitter as how your current life makes you feel? There’s a song for that, too.

We present you with a few songs to fuel your coffee obsession and maybe send you running to the nearest cafe. Disclaimer: Soompi is not responsible for any monetary loss incurred after listening to these songs, resulting addiction to caffeine, or negative feelings resulting from trying a bad Americano or cheap coffee.

1. BIGBANG – “Cafe”

This sad song by BIGBANG is about a dark (gross sounding) coffee order, and a girl leaving.

2. Seo In Guk – “BOMTANABA”

Confusing things can happen when we consume caffeine. Sometimes we can’t figure out if how we feel in the moment is how we REALLY feel or if it’s just the caffeine rush. Why, oh, why do we feel the things we feel?

3. 10cm – “Americano”

10cm’s classic track is the quintessential “I’m a poor student whose life-force consists of cheap coffee” song.

4. Yang Yoseob – “Caffeine”

When your significant other is as addictive as caffeine and you may be a little too obsessive…

5. Coffee Boy – “Cappuccino”

Life is like a cup of coffee… brought to you by the indie singer who has a number of other songs also named after coffee beverages.

6. Eddy Kim – “Your Lips Are Like Coffee”

When you don’t want to be like every other guy who talks about appearances or dodges that bullet by saying you like her “brains”… just compare her to coffee, the way Eddy Kim does in this song.

7. B.A.P – “Coffee Shop”

B.A.P made a song about spending time at a coffee shop; talk about an irresistible combination.

8. Kiha & The Faces – “Cheap Coffee”

Not all of us can afford to join B.A.P (see above song) at a fancy coffee shop. Some of us are flat broke and there’s a song for that too. Life is hard sometimes and about as bitter as that cheap cup of coffee that makes your stomach hurt.

9. BTS – “Coffee”

Caramel macchiatos are my favorite coffee drink; I drink one several mornings a week. This has nothing to do with BTS comparing a girl they’re interested in to a caramel macchiato, but it’s still nice to listen to a sweet song that reminds me of my favorite drink. Hopefully, you enjoy it too.

10. Yoo Jae Hwan feat. Lim Kim – “Coffee”

“When we started dating, when I let you go, there was a cup of coffee…” These lyrics basically sum up this entire, wonderful song.

What is your favorite Korean song about coffee/caffeine? Let us know in the comments below! I’m always looking for songs to add to my coffee playlist!

heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea and can usually be found drinking a latte while adding new songs to her dozens of playlists. She’s always taking recommendations.

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