SM Entertainment Teams Up With AI Technology Company To Create Virtual Assistants Out Of Your Favorite Celebrities

SM Entertainment has established Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology agency AI Stars Limited with startup ObEN to bring new forms of content to fans.

ObEN is an AI technology firm located in California that possesses “deep learning” technology that enables speedy creation of artificial intelligence models, such as TTS (Text-To-Speech) and avatars, with minimal data.

SM Entertainment and ObEN are teaming up to create virtual AI models of celebrities. According to ObEN, their AI technology “quickly constructs a person’s virtual voice, image and personality to create a full-stack virtual celebrity that looks, sounds and behaves like its human counterpart.”

This new enterprise aims to aid companies as they “incorporate the voice, image and personality of top talent into their product offerings to deliver a highly personalized and engaging experience for consumers.” The technology will be incorporated into various “lifestyle applications,” including “smart devices, social-friendly robots, chatbots, and autonomous vehicles.”

SM Entertainment’s Head of Management, Kim Young Min, explained, “We thought that ObEN’s AI technology, combined with SM Entertainment’s content and celebrity talent, would produce a new kind of entertainment for the upcoming AI generation. If the voice of Amazon’s Alexa is replaced with your favorite celebrity, and if an AI assistant has the personality of a celebrity, it will provide an original experience for the masses.”

ObEN’s cofounder and CEO Nikhil Jain added, “ObEN’s deep learning based AI technology can extract a person’s image and voice through a single photo or a short recording. So users can possess a virtual avatar that has a high resemblance to themselves. It will also be of value to celebrities who have a limited amount of time.”

AI Stars will showcase “AI-tainment,” a combination of AI and entertainment, with celebrities through technology demonstrations soon.

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