10 Female Idols With Amazing Laughs That Can Light Up A Room

Many idols are known for their amazing vocal abilities, flawless dance moves, and their charming personalities. However, K-pop stars have also made a name for themselves by showcasing their iconic laughs. After giving a shout out to the male idols, here are some female idols whose laughter will really brighten your mood:

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has been stealing people’s hearts for 10 years since her debut. Taeyeon’s outstanding vocals and youthful appearance appeal to individuals around the globe, making her one of the most successful female soloists. However, although Taeyeon may look young, she has earned the nickname ‘Ahjumma Laugh’ as her laugh seems to resemble a middle-aged married woman!

Girl’s Day’s Yura

Girl’s Day’s Yura is considered to be the funniest member of the group, always making jokes and trying to make the other girls giggle! Yura has a unique laugh, and she isn’t shy about laughing loudly! Her interesting laugh is bound to make you smile!

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Additionally, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has an adorable laugh! When Hyeri and Yura both laugh together it becomes an out-of-control laughing session! Any show featuring the Girl’s Day members is absolutely hilarious to watch!

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

miss A’s Min

miss A’s Min is charming and playful, and she has an iconic laugh that really stands out from others as it seems to come from deep inside of her!


The amazing MAMAMOO vocalist is also known for her bright and sunny laugh which brightens any room! Not only that, her laugh also encourages the other members to freely laugh!

In fact, you can even hear her distinct laugh in the background of BTS’s V Live!

EXID’s Hani

EXID’s Hani has a contagious laugh that makes you want to be her friend and laugh with her! Hani always laughs as if she just heard the best joke on earth!


BLACKPINK has only debuted for less than a year, but rapper Lisa’s laugh is well known to Blinks! Her laugh is considered one of her best charms! Enjoy this remix of “BOOMBAYAH” featuring Lisa’s iconic laugh:


IU’s laugh is absolutely adorable and highlights her down-to-earth personality. Combined with her amazing vocals, her laugh really brightens the whole room around her!

TWICE’s Mina

TWICE member Mina has such a cute and shy laugh, which really highlights her youthful energy! It’s impossible to not smile when you hear Mina’s wonderful giggle!

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy’s laugh is just like her name, cheerful and light-hearted! Although ReVeluvs say her laugh ranges from adorable to evil, the Red Velvet member undoubtedly has an amazing laugh!

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