Update: Block B’s Zico Reveals New Teasers For Upcoming Release “ANTI (Feat. G.Soul)”

Updated July 7 KST:

Zico has dropped new concept photos for “ANTI” prior to his solo comeback!

Check out the photos below!

Updated July 6 KST:

As Zico gears up for his second mini album, the rapper has released an intriguing new teaser video and a new teaser image!

Check out the teaser video for “ANTI” below:

Updated July 5 KST:

Zico has released another teaser photo for his new mini album, featuring the text “Ch-2. Artist.”

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Updated July 4 KST:

Zico has now shared another teaser photo for his upcoming second mini album “Television.” The teaser features the text “Ch-1. Genius (Behind the Scenes).”

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Updated July 2 KST:

It looks like we have a title and release date for the comeback of Block B’s Zico!

On July 2, Block B’s official Twitter posted a new teaser image on their Twitter account that simply said, “Zico Television 2017.07.12.” The hashtags in the tweet also revealed that the release time would be at 6 p.m. KST. As the color scheme is similar to the image released on June 30, and as both are related to televisions, it looks like this is a continuation of the first mystery teaser.

Zico also posted the same image on his Instagram account with the hashtags, “2nd mini album, television, Zico,” so it looks like Zico’s comeback will be the release of his second mini album that is titled “Television”!

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Are you excited for Zico’s return?


On June 30 at midnight KST, Block B’s official Twitter account posted an unexpected and mysterious teaser.

The teaser features simply a retro-style TV screen on a yellow background, which runs static for a while until the name “Zico” appears. The caption to the tweet also simply reads, “Zico.”

It is unclear whether this is the beginning of individual teasers for a full Block B comeback or the teaser for an upcoming Zico release.

Block B’s last comeback as a group was in 2016 with “Blooming Period,” although they released the special digital single “Yesterday” in 2017. Zico’s last solo release was “She’s a Baby” back in April.

What do you think the teaser means?