Lee Hyori Says Her Song “Diamond” Was Inspired By Former Comfort Women

On June 29, Lee Hyori was interviewed on JTBC’s “News Room,” where she opened up about the creative process behind her upcoming new album.

When asked if she felt pressured about returning after four years, she replied, “I was excited rather than pressured. I am curious about how the public will respond to my album. I think I have a strong urge to let things out.”

Lee Hyori also talked about how some of her songs were written. She explained that the lyrics for “Things That Don’t Change (literal translation)” were written about the fleeting thoughts she had in her mind.

“I wrote about things that were on my mind at the moment. There’s nothing that does not change in the world. I was also deceived into thinking that nothing will change. I realized that you have to naturally accept all internal and external changes,” she said.

In regards to her song “Diamond,” which features Lee Juk, she said that she wrote the lyrics for comfort women after she read an article about a former comfort woman who passed away.

She added that in addition to the comfort women, there are many other people who also must give up after fighting against authority or enterprise.

Lee Hyori explained, “I wanted to give a warm word of consolation to them, so I was always thinking of a way to do it. That’s why I wrote this song, and Lee Juk joined me.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will be returning with her sixth album on July 4, and has already shared the music video for her pre-release track “Seoul.”

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