Watch: MONSTA X Releases Scenic Making Film For “Shine Forever” MV

On June 29, Starship Entertainment revealed the making film for MONSTA X’s “Shine Forever” music video.

The video opens with Minhyuk walking along the beautiful coastline of Gimnyeong.

Minhyuk says, “I can’t do anything because of guilt today, because I’m a bad guy,” referring to his role in the music video.

The music video for “Shine Forever” tells a grave story involving a car crash that kills a friend, and a fight that ensues among the members. The members show their serious sides as they concentrate on each of their roles as the music video requires some serious acting.

You can also spot their playful side as they laugh and jump in embarrassment after acting out intense scenes.

Lightbulbs are an important element in the music video. Hyungwon explains that there were 1,000 lightbulbs used to film the scenes!

The visuals for this making film are as sophisticated and polished as the music video itself.

Watch the making film below!