“Circle” PD Comments On A Possible Second Season For The Drama

When tvN’s “Circle” aired its last episode on June 27, the unexpected and different ending left a lot of viewers wondering whether there will be a second season.

In regards to this, “Circle” producer Min Jin Ki said in an interview on June 28, “It’s an open ending. Depending on the imagination of the viewers, they could interpret the ending in different ways. There were a lot of stories that we weren’t able to fit into just 12 episodes, and the ending reflects that. However, a second season is not something that is being considered at this stage.”

The viewership ratings for the drama hovered around 2 percent and 3 percent ratings. While it might have been a bit lower than what was expected, there is no question that it rewrote the history of sci-fi K-dramas.

Min Jin Ki said, “I’m honored to have started a Korean sci-fi genre, which isn’t easy. With this trial and error as background, next time we’ll make a drama that’s more advanced than this one. I’d like to thank the viewers who gave the drama lots of love.”

He added his own thoughts as well, saying, “I think it made the viewers empathize by asking questions such as whether bad memories must be remembered as well. I’m happy just to be able to put out a message to society through this work that people have the opportunity to think about.”

Meanwhile, “Bride of Habaek” will follow up “Circle” on tvN.

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