Tiger JK + Bizzy Talk Disses In Hip Hop And Why They Decided To Join “Show Me The Money 6”

“Show Me The Money 6” producer Tiger JK recently talked about the culture of dissing in the Korean hip hop scene.

On June 30, the artist attended the press conference for Mnet’s hip hop survival show alongside fellow producers Bizzy, Zico, Dean, Dynamic Duo, Jay Park, and Dok2.

During the press conference, Tiger JK stated, “Because broadcast shows have a goal of growing viewership ratings, I don’t think badly about it. But I had a lot of concerns about disses, which are a small part of hip hop, getting the spotlight and causing people to think that hip hop is all about cursing and saying nasty things.”

He continued, saying, “Because Drunken Tiger is one root of Korean hip hop, I was delusional in thinking that if I showed them with my music, they would all follow me. But now I see that nothing changes no matter what I say. I did realize though by participating in ‘Show Me The Money 6,’ that it’s not always like that. I received a lot of comfort as I listened to the stories of those who loved hip hop music and rap. We have a very specific color to our producing team. I think this is the greatest music mission we’ve ever had.”

Tiger JK also talked about ratings, saying, “I know that controversies and provocative content boosts viewership ratings. I’m not saying we’ll change that, but I’m hoping that the show will become bigger because of the healthy culture we bring to it.”

Bizzy also added, “Hip hop is not all about dissing and cursing. You might readily want to eat spicy food, but you become healthy by having a balanced [diet]. We decided to participate in the show because we have dreams to bring a more healthy hip hop.”

Meanwhile, “Show Me The Money 6” is set to air its first episode in June 30 at 11 p.m. KST.

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