Ji Chang Wook Discusses “Suspicious Partner” Being His 1st Rom-Com And His Plans Ahead Of Enlisting

Actor Ji Chang Wook held his first Naver V App broadcast on June 29 to connect with fans.

After expressing how excited he was and thanking fans for joining him, the actor jumped right into answering questions. When asked how he felt about working on his first romantic comedy through “Suspicious Partner,” Ji Chang Wook said, “I didn’t approach this drama any differently than my other dramas just because it’s a romantic comedy. But the comedic element of the drama did keep the atmosphere light and fun on set.”

On what he thinks about when he films crying scenes, he said, “I just think about the situation my character is in. When I imagine just how much my character is in pain and is sad, it makes me sad too.”

Ji Chang Wook is planning on holding a concert after the drama ends, and he explained why he decided to hold the event. The actor stated, “I want to meet my fans as much as I can before I enlist. I feel like I’ll enjoy sharing stories with my fans and greeting them so much that time will fly by even if I’m tired. I’m excited for the upcoming concert.” He also added, “After the concert, I’ll be taking a break before enlisting. I’ll be holding various events, share stories, and sing for my fans. I’m working hard to create a great show.”

Finally, the actor talked about what “Suspicious Partner” means to him and what genres he’d like to take on in the future. Ji Chang Wook said, “‘Suspicious Partner’ is my first romantic comedy, and my last production before my enlistment. It’s as precious as all the other productions I’ve worked on, and I do my best to make every day that I’m on set memorable.”

He concluded with, “There are so many roles and genres I haven’t tried yet. I hope to continue to take on new roles and create great productions for everyone to enjoy.”

“Suspicious Partner” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!

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