Update: Red Velvet Shares Yeri’s New Teaser Photos For Comeback With “The Red Summer”

Updated July 2 KST:

Red Velvet has released three new teaser photos for Yeri! Like Irene’s previously released photos, two of them were taken in the daytime while one has a more spooky feel in the night.


Red Velvet has now shared the first teaser images for Yeri!

On July 1 at 10 a.m. KST, the group revealed two new teasers, this time starring Yeri back to blonde and looking thoughtful and sad. As with Irene’s first teasers, the track list for their new mini album “The Red Summer” is also shown on the images.

What may be a lyric for their title track “Red Flavor” scrolls along the bottom of one of the teasers, reading “I used to dream of becoming jam when I grew up.”

Red Velvet’s new mini album “The Red Summer” is due out on July 9.

Check out Irene’s individual teaser photos here, which were released earlier today!