Update: FNC Responds To Reports Of AOA’s Yuna Becoming Main Vocalist

Updated July 1 KST:

In response to the latest reports, a source from FNC Entertainment stated, “Nothing regarding AOA has been decided yet. We have not yet decided if Yuna will become the new main vocalist of AOA. At this point we are focusing on the members’ individual activities more.”

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Original Article:

Now that main vocalist Choa has been confirmed to leave AOA, the group’s new main vocalist just might be Yuna.

On July 1, according to one media report, a source from the agency said, “As we respect Choa’s intent to leave AOA, her departure from the group has been confirmed, and the remaining members will be starting their individual activities. Member Yuna will be filling in the empty spot of Choa’s previous position as main vocalist.”

The source continued, saying, “With Choa’s departure, the group is experiencing a lot of changes, but we are planning to maintaining the activities of the remaining members.”

Meanwhile, Yuna will be appearing in an upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Single Wife” (tentative title) on August 23.

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