Highlight Opens Up About Their Transition From BEAST And How The Group Has Changed

The year 2017 is a very special year for the members of Highlight because it’s the year that marks their start on a journey as a new group.

Highlight recently sat down for an interview and talked about their optimistic outlook going forward.

They first talked about how difficult it was to prepare for their last album as the group BEAST. Yang Yoseob responded, “If I could go back a year, I would tell myself there’s no need to worry.” Lee Gi Kwang then continued, “In general, the five of us are all in the same boat. We have similar thoughts and worries.”

The group was then asked what it felt like to spend their first year as Highlight. Son Dongwoon answered, “I was naturally a little worried about starting with a new management company and whatnot, but everyone’s been so supportive and we’ve been able to come back from those initial doubts. We’ve worked hard the first half of the year as Highlight, but the next half of the year, we’d like to work harder and give back to our fans.”

When asked how the group had changed while going from BEAST to Highlight, Son Dongwoon said, “With a name like Highlight, we’re able to grow a lot more comfortable with bringing a brighter side to our songs. It’s not that we’re always going to be releasing bright and sunny songs, but right now, I feel like we’re able to give off this enjoyable energy.”

What are you looking forward to seeing Highlight do next?

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