Cha In Pyo Enters Hollywood As A Producer And Actor

Cha In Pyo will be setting foot in Hollywood to become an international star.

On July 2, Cha In Pyo’s production company TKC Pictures released a statement reading, “Cha In Pyo will be taking part in Hollywood film ‘HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress’ as a producer and actor.”

The movie will be co-produced by TKC Pictures and US production company King Street Pictures.

The arrangement for the joint movie production was made last March, when Cha In Pyo visited Los Angeles and met the head of King Street Pictures through actor Ricky Kim.

“HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress” is an action fantasy movie rebooted from John Bunyan’s almost 340-year-old novel “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

The movie is scheduled to release worldwide next summer, while the cast includes international actors including the United States’s Alan Powell, Eric Tiede, and Patrick Thompson, Australia’s Peta Sergeant, Mexico’s Fernanda Romero, Denmark’s Asger Folmann, as well as Korea’s Ricky Kim and Cha In Pyo.

TKC Pictures shared, “Cha In Pyo has signed to take part in three Hollywood films during the next three years to kickstart his career in the US. He will be going back and forth US and Korea from now on.”

TKC Pictures plans to become a gateway for Korean actors to enter the US industry, and create more roles for Asian actors in the US.

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