Seungjae Comes Up With An Extreme Yet Hilarious Cure For His Hungover Father Go Ji Yong In “The Return Of Superman”

Seungjae has some funny ideas about how to get rid of a bad hangover!

In the July 2 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” Seungjae’s father Go Ji Yong was suffering from a hangover. Seungjae, concerned about his father’s wellbeing, searched for solutions to cure Go Ji Yong’s pain.

At first, Seungjae hurriedly runs to the kitchen to fetch something from the cupboard. It turned out that the object was a soju bottle. Go Ji Yong says, “You want me to drink more? That’s a bad habit,” and returns the soju back to the kitchen.

Then, Seungjae brings a cup of coffee for his father. But Go Ji Yong quickly spits the content out after tasting it. Seungjae had actually poured soy sauce instead of coffee in the cup.

Lastly, Seungjae placed wet towels on his father’s legs in hopes to cure him, and massaged his face with soap.

However, the most extreme solution was yet to come, as Seungjae brought a bucket of water and splashed it on his father’s face! Although it must have been surprising for Go Ji Yong, it was surely a hilarious moment for the viewers.

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