“Produce 101 Season 2” Trainees Share Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Finale Concerts

On July 1 and 2, the top 35 contestants of “Produce 101 Season 2” performed together for the last time at the show’s finale concerts.

Many of the trainees who didn’t make it into the top 35 were also in attendance to watch the show and support their friends. Members of the top 35 and other trainees have posted plenty of photos to social media over the past two days, with many of them taking the opportunity to thank fans as “Produce 101 Season 2” officially comes to an end.

Check out many of their posts below!

Ahn Hyung Seob showed fans some aegyo in a cute clip on Instagram on July 2, and wrote, “Thank you for making it so that I could put on a fun performance!!”

Choi Seung Hyuk and Jung Jung of Yuehua Entertainment also shared a photo from before the show, as well as afterwards with their label mates Lee Eui Woong and Ahn Hyung Seob who were performing as members of the top 35.

Jang Moon Bok shared two albums of photos from the concerts, including a shot of himself signing posters, as well as plenty of photos with his friends!

“A good experience, good people, cool performances, and a beautiful audience,” he wrote in the caption. He added in the hashtags, “My friends who aren’t in the photos, you also worked hard,” and “It’s really over. Thank you.”

Jung Se Woon posted a shot of himself backstage, and wrote, “The ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ concert is over. To the nation’s producers, the crew, and the 101 trainees! I’m really grateful. I will never forget the love that you’ve given me. Thank you for making 2017 a year I can look back on with a smile. Please be happy.”

Kim Dong Han shared a photo on July 1 of himself lovingly attacking a sleepy Kwon Hyun Bin with a kiss, and wrote, “See you tomorrow.”

He also gifted fans with a cute clip of himself the next day. He sent a message to fans in the caption by writing, “Thank you for coming to watch today!! I’m not sure when this kind of opportunity will come again, but I’ll work hard so that it will be soon, so please keep watching.”

Samuel Kim uploaded a cute video of himself to Instagram, and included a message of thanks and love to his fans in both Korean and English.

Kim Sang Gyun posted a photo of himself backstage as well as a shot of some of the guys of fan-imagined group JBJ posing by a speaker with the logo “JBL.” He said he had a great time thanks to fans’ support, and promised they’ll be able to see him again soon.

Kim Yong Jin attended a concert as part of the audience, and he shared a video from backstage on July 2, in which he told the performers that he’d enjoyed their show. In the caption, he wrote that everyone had worked really hard.

He also shared an album of photos with fellow trainees!

After posting a photo with the members of “Sorry Sorry” group two the day before, Kwon Hyun Bin uploaded a photo of himself on stage on July 2. He wrote, “The long journey of ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ has now ended! Thank you for everything. Please stay healthy, and I’ll see you soon. I sincerely thank you once again for bringing me to this spot. I love you.”

Lee Eui Woong posted a short clip to Instagram and included in the caption, “It was really, really fun, hehe. Thank you for supporting me so much.”

Noh Tae Hyun shared a photo with his friends and fellow fan-imagined group JBJ members Takada Kenta, Kim Dong Han, and Kim Tae Dong, from what appears to be rehearsals for the concert. He also wished Kim Dong Han a happy birthday, and asked him to stop touching his hyungs’ butts.

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NU’EST also shared a photo of all five members on July 2, including Aron who did not participate in “Produce 101 Season 2” but came to watch the concert and Hwang Min Hyun who will soon be promoting with the finalist group Wanna One.

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Park Woo Dam, Jeong Won Chul, Jo Yong Geun, and Woo Jin Young’s agency HF Music Company also shared photos of the guys, including Park Woo Dam backstage on his own and with Kim Tae Dong and Lee Gun Hee.

Takada Kenta thanked everyone who came to the finale concerts as he shared photos with his friends!

Takada Kenta also wished Kim Dong Han a happy birthday, calling him the “maknae” (youngest member) of fan-imagined group JBJ.

We hope we’ll get to see all these trainees again soon!

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