Jiyeon Reveals What Was Different About T-ara’s “What’s My Name” Comeback

T-ara’s Jiyeon reflected on T-ara’s latest comeback with “What’s My Name.”

On the July 2 broadcast of V Live, she said, “I was so happy to be able to promote. Today was the last broadcast for us regarding our latest album, but it rained so much today that I feel like we weren’t able to say goodbye to the fans properly. I’m a bit sad.”

She said, “We practiced a lot more for this album than before. We set the bar high for ourselves. Each member has a solo song, and we gave each other lots of advice on each other’s concepts and choreography. We talked a lot, too.” She didn’t forget to thank the fans: “It was really hard until the comeback, but we were happy when we finished off the promotions, thanks to the fans.”

One fan said, “The promotions were too short,” and Jiyeon replied, “We promoted for three weeks. We did a lot of fan meets and fan signs. I think there was a lot of time for us to be with the fans.” However, she agreed that it still felt too short. “It feels like it’s still not over. I want to promote next week, too.”

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