6 American Shows We'd Like To See Remade In Korea

Korean dramaland is no stranger to the remake epidemic sweeping the west, and you can enjoy some of your fave US shows starring your fave Korean actors today with the likes of “Entourage,” “The Good Wife,” and soon “Suits” and “CSI.” You can never have too many dramas, so here’s a few we’d like to see next, exorbitant production budgets notwithstanding.

“The Walking Dead”

The zombie genre cannot be killed, not even with a head-shot, and if the success of zombie actioner “Train to Busan” is anything to go by, then Korean audiences are no more immune to the virus than we are. “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman is producing a new Viki Original series set with the premise of impending apocalyptic doom, but until that happens, we can always fantasy fan cast.


We’ve seen girls with super human strength (“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”) and men that can see into the future (“Another Oh Hae Young”), but we’ve yet to see an ensemble cast of super heroes united against a common enemy that we see so often in American Sci-fi, and it’s definitely something we’d like to see. Heroes took an unusually large cast of characters and gave each one an in depth backstory and purpose; it would be a great opportunity to see our favorite actors at their best and interacting with each other.


The light-hearted and quirky fun of “Bewitched” is perfectly suited for K-dramaland, and we have yet to see the typical representation of a witch with a pointy hat and broomstick. A remake of the 1960s classic could be more vibrant, eccentric, and campy than the original. Toss in some Korean culture and you’ve got a spell for success.


There are some Korean slasher movies, but very few dramas follow the horror sub-genre quite like “Scream” or “Scream Queens” or “Bates Motel,” etc. If you don’t like horror, shows like “Scream” offer up their fair share of romance and mystery, and the pretty faces of the young adult cast usually do their part to make an episode interesting. Shows like “Signal” and “Wanted” expertly portray the same intrigue, but it’s the teen perspective that sets these shows apart and would make for something different.


Glee had huge success casting virtual unknowns as their lead characters, but it would seem a waste to produce a show about young talented performers in South Korea and miss out on getting to hear some of our favorite idols singing acapella. Picture JYP as Mr Schue or Akdong Musician teaming up with members of TWICE and GOT7 for regionals.

Since this remake will probably never happen, we’ll have to swap singing for dancing and just enjoy “Sassy Go Go,” a drama with similar themes of outsiders banding together with the popular crowd to achieve a common goal; there’s even an inspiring teacher at the helm.

“How I Met Your Mother”

A love story told backwards, “How I Met Your Mother” combined comedy, romance, and mystery to grip audiences and keep them asking who Ted would end up marrying. There are countless casting possibilities on this one what with so many talented comedy actors and with the episodic nature of the show. This could be a great platform for those actors to truly shine.

What American shows would you like to see remade for Korean audiences?

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