T-ara’s Jiyeon Reveals The Interesting Thing She Learned To Do During Her Hiatus

T-ara’s Jiyeon confessed that she learned to do something interesting while she was on her hiatus!

On the July 2 broadcast of V Live, Jiyeon said, “I’m not the type of person to go outside a lot. If I do go out, I meet up with friends and have coffee or watch a movie. I would sometimes go and get massages with the other members.”

She also revealed, “I learned to pole dance while I was on hiatus. I just wanted to learn it suddenly. I thought it would be bad for my health if I just stayed home all the time.”

She has seen some good results already. She said, “Pole dancing is a lot of fun. I got muscle and I have nicer lines now.”

Jiyeon shared that her teammate Hyomin has also been learning something new. “Hyomin is learning to box. I’m thinking about learning to box as well. When I get good enough at it, I’d like to challenge her. I’ll do it on broadcast.”

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