VIXX Shows Off Their Strong Bond As They Talk About What Youth Means To Them

Fashion magazine Nylon recently revealed photos from their July cover issue photo shoot with VIXX.

The concept of the photo shoot was “youth.” In the accompanying interview, VIXX picked their favorite concept to date as “Shangri-La.” Hyuk said, “All the members got to wear clothes that suited them so it was memorable.”

The group also chose “On and On” as the song that changed their life. Ken said, “It’s our signature song that allowed us to become the VIXX we are today.” Leo added, “It gave us the footing we needed to build up VIXX’s achievements over the past five years.”

In keeping with the photo shoot’s concept, the members were asked what was the most important part of their youth. All the members chose, “The time with VIXX” and “right now.” N said, “Youth is the present moment, where I can feel happy while promoting with VIXX.” Hyuk said, “Promoting with VIXX is the brightest part of my youth.”

Ken said, “VIXX is the only legacy I want to make in my youth. There are so many memories we’ve made with VIXX and with Starlights.” Ravi said, “I want to remember that I spent the most fiery and brilliant part of my youth as a VIXX member with our fans.” Hongbin said, “VIXX held an exhibition for our fifth anniversary and I got to see photos I haven’t seen since our trainee days. I think that time most represented my youth.” Leo said, “VIXX and our fans sing VIXX’s songs together. Later in life, I hope that they will think of us when they hear our songs.”

The full photo shoot and interview will be available in Nylon’s July issue.

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