Yoon Doojoon Revealed To Have Secretly Donated To Children In Need For Past 5 Years

Just when you thought Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon couldn’t get any more perfect, it has come to light that he has been helping children in need for the past five years.

Since May of 2012, Yoon Doo Joon has been donating 200,000 won (approximately $174 US dollars) every month to an education center in Zambia through Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI). To date, he has donated an amazing 13 million won (approximately $11320 US dollars).

Even though he has been consistently donating, he did this in secret. A KFHI representative said, “We believe that Yoon Doo Joon found out about us through his older sister, and since then, has been quietly donating to us.”

The educational center that Yoon Doo Joon donates for is the Old Regiment Community School located in Ndola, Zambia. It was built by KFHI for children in the region who were unable to attend school because there were no schools nearby. There are 300 children currently attending the school. The KFHI representative said, “Yoon Doo Joon’s donations are being used for the children’s lunches and school supplies.”

How amazing of Yoon Doo Joon!

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