10 Of The Best Tweets About Obama And SHINee

In case you missed it, the former U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned SHINee at the Asian Leadership Conference! This news rocked Shawols, and it wasn’t long before the memes started rolling in. SHINee’s Key even thanked Obama on Instagram! Here’s 10 of the best tweets about this random recognition!

1. Every Shawol can relate…

2. Obama representing

3. The haters are irrelevant

4. The fanclub has a new president

5. This hilarious idea

6. Pearlescent aqua blue house…

7. Ring Ding Dong must have been blasting through the White House

8. This amazing account proves Shawols are hilarious

9. Pure gold

10. Excuse Me Obama

Which one made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments!

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