MONSTA X Reveals Official Broadcast Date For “MONSTA X-Ray 2”

Hip hop boy group MONSTA X will be revealing their new variety show “MONSTA X-Ray 2” soon!

On July 5, the group’s agency Starship Entertainment stated, “‘MONSTA X-Ray 2’will be airing on JTBC2. As the first season received an explosive response from viewers, we are planning on showing a more developed real, variety show.”

The MONSTA X members also commented, “We’re prepared to show a variety of images that we weren’t able to show through the first season. Viewers can anticipate a fun show.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “MONSTA X-Ray 2” is set to air on July 13 on Thursday, 7 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for the show’s second season?

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