BLACKPINK’s Rosé Responds To Being Chosen By IU As A Singer She’d Like To Collaborate With

BLACKPINK’s Rosé responded to IU’s love call and said she was honored to be chosen during the group’s appearance on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol.”

While sharing stories, Rosé opened up about the love call and said, “In our family group chat, my father sent me part of IU’s interview where she said she wanted to sing with me. I couldn’t believe it. I replied, ‘No way,’ and my dad sent me a video of her saying that.”

Rosé then took a moment to film a video message for IU and she said, “I’m so honored. I’ll continue to work hard on my singing. I really look up to you.”

The singer then sang IU’s “You & I” on the spot to showcase her vocals and captivated viewers with her unique vocal tone.

If IU and Rosé ever teamed up, what kind of song would you like to hear them sing together?

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