SHINee’s Minho Shows His Kind Nature By Making Surprise Appearance On Reality Show For Jung Hyung Don

SHINee’s Minho was kind enough to make a special appearance on a reality show upon his friend Jung Hyung Don’s request!

On July 4, JTBC’s traveling variety show “Around The World Package Tour” featured the cast (including Kim Yong Man, Kim Sung Joo, Jung Hyung Don, former soccer star Ahn Jung Hwan, and Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon and Yong Junhyung) enjoying their time in Hokkaido, Japan.

While the cast were resting in their inn, Jung Hyung Don called Minho on a whim to see if he would visit them, since Minho was also in Japan for a SHINee concert.

Minho showed his kindhearted nature by responding to Jung Hyung Don’s request and stopping by!

He arrived at the casts’ inn, only to be greeted by a drinking game. Despite being included in the game all of a sudden without much of an explanation, Minho caught on quickly, impressing the others.

After the game, Jung Hyung Don finally greeted Minho, saying “Long time no see.” Kim Yong Man remarked, “Minho is such a loyal friend.”

Before Minho left the members, Ahn Jung Hwan suggested, “Since Minho is tired, let’s let him hit Jung Hyung Don once before he leaves.” To Ahn Jung Hwan’s joke, Minho wittily answered, “If you ask me to hit him after I just arrived, that would be my pleasure.”

Watch Minho’s arrival and their game below!

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