Top 15 Song-Song Couple Moments

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For those of you who were shipping the Song-Song couple intensely, it probably came as no surprise when they announced their wedding date.

We were all Lee Kwang Soo.

After months of analyzing their vacation times and group dates, the ship has sailed — Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are officially getting married, and we couldn’t be happier for the gorgeous couple! Here’s a look back at a few of the moments that will have you crying out of joy for the couple.

1. That time Song Joong Ki was naturally flirty with Song Hye Kyo during the “Descendants of the Sun” script reading

2. When they said, “I love you” to each other in DOTS and probably meant it!

I’m crying.

3. When Song Hye Kyo updated her IG account with pics of Song Joong Ki for his fans because he doesn’t have any social media accounts

4. How touchy they were at the 2016 Popular Culture and Arts Awards

5. This kiss.

6. And this one.

7. That time they drew beautiful portraits of each other at their fanmeeting and Song Joong Ki drew HEARTS around his portrait of Song Hye Kyo!

8. And how they were probably totally smitten with each other at the time!

9. When Song Joong Ki was being all coy after Song Hye Kyo said she is getting old and would rather hear a confession.

10. When they won the best couple award AND the Daesang award at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards

11. That time they already looked like a happy married couple.

Like a prince and princess in their fairy-tale love story.

12. When Song Hye Kyo was laughing at Song Joong Ki’s crying at the KBS Drama Awards.

13. The times Song Joong Ki gazed so lovingly into Song Hye Kyo’s eyes!

14. Their ADORABLE fist-bumps.

15. And to re-live their adorable DOTS moments and shed a tear or two, check out the music video for the song, “You Are My Everything.”

This should totally be their wedding song. UGH, I’m crying.

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