YG Rapper ONE Talks About How He Wrote “Gettin’ By” In MV Making Film

YG rapper ONE talked about his upcoming title track “Gettin’ By” through his recent music video making film.

The video shows some behind-the-scenes clips of ONE filming for the music video, and also reveals a part of the song.

During the interview portion of the video, ONE shared, “I use the phrase ‘gettin’ by’ often in my everyday life, so it felt appropriate to use it as the title of the song. [The song] has a warm yet cold vibe.”

The rapper also talked about how long it took for him to write the song, saying, “The song was put together really quickly. I think the melody and the lyrics for ‘Gettin’ By’ were all written within one hour. That’s why I like it more.”

ONE personally wrote the lyrics for “Gettin’ By,” and he co-composed the track with AOMG producer Cha Cha Malone.

Meanwhile, ONE will be releasing his double title tracks as well as his music videos  at the same time on July 11 at 6 p.m. KST

You can check out his MV making film on V Live here.

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