JYP Submits TWICE Acid Attack Threat Case To Police

On June 7, a source from JYP Entertainment revealed, “We submitted a complaint regarding the hydrochloric acid terror threat made against our agency group TWICE yesterday at Gangnam Police Station.”

The source continued, “The members were stricken with fear due to the terror threat about inflicting injury upon them with 10 liters of hydrochloric acid at the airport upon their return to Korea posted on the far-right online community site Ilgan Best [also known as Ilbe].” Thus the agency has requested that the police start an investigation.

Previously, an Ilbe user posted the acid attack threat due to unhappiness about the group promoting in Japan. JYP responded that they would investigate the identity of the user in question and take firm legal action.

The police are now investigating the case in order to apprehend the suspect who made the acid attack threat.

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