Watch: UP10TION Gets Up Close And Personal In First-Person POV Fan Sign Video

Ever wonder what it would be like to go to a fan sign event for an idol group?

Two new videos from MOMO X’s YouTube channel takes viewers through a fan sign experience with UP10TION from a first-person point of view, showing fans what it would be like to interact with the UP10TION members firsthand.

The members answer questions and offer a great deal of fan service through the video as they sign a poster just as they would at a normal fan sign event. The members shake and hold hands with the individual filming the video, and ask questions like, “Have you eaten yet?”

When asked who he thinks their comeback concept fits the best with, Kogyeol responds, “Jinhoo,” to which Jinhoo cutely expresses his gratitude. The members also expressed their jealousy when Gyujin is asked for the secret behind his handsomeness, saying things like, “I should’ve been asked that question.”

Jinhoo says that he would want to see Hwanhee be UP10TION’s leader for a day and, when asked why, responds, “Just to see what would happen,” which causes all the members to laugh.

Meanwhile, UP10TION recently made a comeback with their title track “Runner”! Plus, Soompi and ZANYTV have partnered up to create an original variety series with UP10TION called “UP10TION, Please” so stay tuned for new episodes!

Watch the videos below!