Wanna One Reveals Official Fan Club Name And Greeting

Wanna One has finally revealed their fan club name!

On July 7, Wanna One released a video titled “Wanna One Go Ep. 0,” where the 11 members were seen discussing possible fan club names.

In the video, the members looked through the different names that were personally suggested from fans, such as “One Holic,” “Wanna Pick,” and more. Some of the members talked about having the fan club name contain something related to “Produce 101 Season 2,” while other members considered picking a name that would sound cute to say.

Ha Sung Woon liked If, which meant that they would forever be fans of Wanna One, while Park Ji Hoon thought WantU sounded cuter. Lai Guan Lin chose All Main, while Ong Sung Woo also picked WantU. Park Woo Jin brought up Wanna Do, while Hwang Min Hyun liked One-heart.

In the end, the group chose the name Wannable, which is the combination of the two words “Wanna” and “Able,” to mean that the group and the fans could achieve anything they wanted together.

Wanna One ended the video with their official greeting, and with Kang Daniel asking, “What do you think ‘All I Wanna Do’ actually means? And who do you think came up with it?” and all the rest of the members adorably saying things like “Aren’t you curious?” or “I won’t tell you!”

Check out the clip below: