Senior Comedian Cho Geum San Found Dead

It was belatedly revealed that senior comedian Cho Geum San had passed away on July 5.

According to Ansan Danwon Police station, tourists who were at the coastline of Daebu Island found Cho Geum San dead in the back seat of a parked car and alerted the authorities.

Cho Geum San’s cause of death is suspected to be suicide by charcoal-burning, as burned charcoal was found on the floor of his vehicle. He did not leave a suicide note at the site. It appears that he had driven his car to the location at 11 p.m. the previous day to commit suicide.

A source from the authorities said, “It seems as though he made an extreme decision due to financial difficulties.”

Cho Geum San was a well known comedian from the 1980s who was famous for his catchphrase “How nice to meet you! Nice to meet you,” which was recently made popular again by tvN’s drama “Reply 1988.”

We offer our sincerest condolences to Cho Geum San’s family and friends.

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