MONSTA X’s Hyungwon To Take Break Due To Health Concerns

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon unfortunately has to take a break from the group’s activities in order to recover from a health issue.

Shortly before 11 p.m. KST on July 7, MONSTA X’s fan cafe updated with a message from Starship Entertainment that first included an apology to fans for having to convey bad news ahead of MONSTA X’s first world tour “BEAUTIFUL.”

“During the filming of ‘Music Bank’ this afternoon, a small wound and swelling was discovered on Hyungwon’s knee,” the statement explained. “He immediately went to the hospital, and following an examination was diagnosed with the early stages of cellulitis [a bacterial skin infection].”

“According to the doctor, if he does not undergo the treatment required for the early stages of cellulitis, the bacteria could spread quickly, and therefore it was decided that he would immediately be hospitalized,” Starship Entertainment continued.

They stated that Hyungwon will therefore be focusing on rest and treatment so that he can recover quickly. MONSTA X plans to promote with only six members for the time being.

“We once again sincerely apologize to the fans in Hong Kong who have been waiting a long time for MONSTA X’s world tour,” Starship Entertainment stated, and promised to do their best to ensure that Hyungwon can recover and take part in the rest of the group’s planned schedule.

MONSTA X’s first overseas stop on their world tour is Hong Kong on July 8, and they are then headed to the United States with their first U.S. concert scheduled for July 12 in Chicago.

Get well soon, Hyungwon!

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