Sung Hoon Shows Off Shocking But Hilarious Image Difference Between Work And Home On “I Live Alone”

On July 7, actor Sung Hoon made an appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and showed off a side to him that was not only completely unexpected but also wildly different from his image as an actor.

The actor explained that he started living away from his parents 15 years ago and started living solo five years ago. Sung Hoon has made a name for himself through dramas like “Oh My Venus” and “My Secret Romance” with his strong visuals and charismatic charms; however, his appearance on “I Live Alone” allowed fans to see a complete 180 degree transformation from his charming actor image.

The actor started out his morning with bird’s nest hair and exercise clothes. He then stared blankly off into the distance before eating breakfast, which consisted of him eating cereal straight from the box by pouring milk into the plastic bag that the cereal came in.

The panel watching the episode reacted immediately to his unique way of eating and said, “Wow, it’s been along time since I’ve been this shocked by how someone eats.”

After eating, he then began talking to himself after eating and said, “Now that I’ve eaten, I have to poo,” and then continued to repeat the same phrase but in a cute, aegyo-filled way, which drew big laughs from the panel watching his episode.

Sung Hoon then showed his transformation into “actor Sung Hoon” for an event with Japanese fans in Busan after getting his hair and makeup done. The actor acknowledged the fairly shocking difference and said, “I am someone who prefers and promotes having a huge difference between work and home…Since I used to be an athlete, I’m used to wearing athletic clothes and having my hair completely shaved off. So, when I get my hair and makeup done and put on nice clothes, I feel like I’m working.”

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