Update: Zico Drops Exciting Tracklist And Teasers For New Mini Album “Television”

Updated July 11 KST:

With just one day left until the release of Zico’s “Television” mini album, here’s Zico’s latest teaser!

Updated July 10 KST:

Check out the latest teaser images for Zico’s album “Television”!

Updated July 9 KST:

Zico has unveiled the official list of all the tracks that will be included in his upcoming, second mini album, “Television”!

Original Article:

Zico shared a sneak peak into the music video of his new song “Artist!”

The teaser video for “Artist” from Zico’s upcoming second mini album “[TELEVISION]” was shared on July 8 through CJ E&M Music’s official YouTube channel.

The 20-second teaser is packed with “artist-like” visuals, starting with an old school television screen.

In the screen, Zico appears as what seems to be a Japanese game character. He is roaming a bamboo forest, sporting a funky blond hairstyle.

In the next scene, Zico poses in front of a yellow taxi with pigtails. What steals the show is the monkey next to Zico, who is wearing a fashionable red hoodie.

Another scene shows Zico with fellow Block B member U-Kwon as giants in the middle of a city. At first, they are both standing still while Zico holds up what seems to be a building. Then they reach out for something outside of the screen with surprised expressions.

Finally, the screen zooms out of the television to show present day Zico, who ends the video in style by pressing a remote control.

Zico’s “Artist” will be released on July 12.

Watch the teaser below!

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