Watch: SEVENTEEN Gets Pumped Up Singing Karaoke On “Idol Arcade”

Recently, SEVENTEEN appeared as a guest on “Idol Arcade,” an online show hosted by Kwon Hyuk Soo, and had the time of their lives singing karaoke.

During the show, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan collaborated with Kwon Hyuk Soo to see if they could reach a perfect score for their singing. They passionately sang the duet, “Between Love and Friendship,” originally by Kim Kyung Ho.

Then, after getting an 82 out of 100, the members tried to lighten the mood by singing PSY’s “New Face.” The challenge for this song however, was that they had to sing along while the music was being slowed down and sped up randomly. As the difficulty got harder, the members started to get more pumped and excited.

Check out the full karaoke session below to see how well they do!