5 Moments From “Fight My Way” That Made Our Hearts Flutter

Fight My Way” has recently ended its run, and I think we’re all a little sad that we can no longer see our bickering couple Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) every week. “Fight My Way” has been a fun journey, following our beloved characters learning to find their place in the world and discovering the meaning behind their relationships. It wasn’t an easy ride for Ae Ra and Dong Man to find their success, but through their blood, sweat, and tears, you know they earned it. What really made the drama for me was how heartfelt, refreshing, and relatable it was. If anything, I could always count on “Fight My Way” for bringing tons of laughter.

I thought it would be fun to look back at the drama again and share some of my favorite moments. I mean, it really was just another excuse to re-watch the show again, not that I really needed an excuse.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The belly hug

Touched by Ae Ra’s words of encouragement, Dong Man reaches out, wraps his arms around her waist, and lays his head on her belly. Ae Ra is shocked that Dong Man is crying while demanding she pat him. Although feeling awkward, she obliges. Dong Man tells her to stop hanging out with bad guys and complains how she just got dumped by Moo Ki. Ae Ra gets annoyed and hits him on the head, which makes Dong Man let go and yell, “You hit me really well, so why do you go out and get hit? Don’t get hit! Don’t go around crying and breaking side mirrors…just play with me.”

Only seeing you

After defeating his opponent in his debut match, Dong Man heads towards the audience and heads straight to Ae Ra. She is sitting in the back huddled up with her hands covering her ears. He crouches in front of her and pats her knee. Ae Ra raises her head, showing a stream of tears flowing down her face. Dong Man asks her what is she doing and tells her he won the match. Looking at Ae Ra, he says, “I’m in trouble. Why do you look pretty when you cry?”

Thoughts of kissing

Outside the arena, Dong Man is holding Ae Ra’s finger and tells her he’s also feeling strange lately because he could only see her in the crowd and how she always seems pretty. He continues to say that he used to think about putting her in a headlock and mooning her, but now whenever they touch, it feels like skinship. Ae Ra gives him a confused look and Dong Man confesses, “When you look at me like this, I get brief thoughts of wanting to kiss you. Do you get those thoughts too?”

Day 1

Dong Man pushes off Hye Ran and spots Ae Ra walking away. He chases after her and pulls her in for a kiss. After the kiss, Ae Ra looks at him confused. He says he won’t let her go again, and he wants to stop taking detours. Ae Ra’s legs start to give out, but Dong Man steadies her. Continuing, he says, “I already kissed you. The *some* or whatever, I don’t know such things. If I kiss you, that means day 1. Let’s date.”

Transitioning from like to love

Dong Man runs straight to Ae Ra in the park and tells her that he’s going to fight Kim Tak Soo and he doesn’t care if he loses because it is something he’s always been dying to do. Despite Ae Ra’s protests, Dong Man says, “If your dreams disappear as you mature, I’m going to give up becoming mature. So that’s why I came running to you… I love you. I immaturely love you to the point where I’m going to go crazy and die. I love you Ae Ra.” Dong Man pulls her in for a hug and she says, “Me too. I love you too, you crazy jerk.”

Soompiers, what were some of your favorite moments from “Fight My Way”?

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