Lee Hyori Talks About Heize Beating Her On The Music Charts

Lee Hyori appeared as a guest on the July 6 broadcast of “Happy Together,” where she candidly talked about how her music was doing on the charts.

While discussing her latest album “BLACK,” Lee Hyori admitted while laughing, “I had a feeling [my music] wasn’t going to do as well as it did back then, but I still thought to myself, ‘I’m Lee Hyori though.'”

“In the past, my music topped the charts for a few days. When I checked recently, however, I noticed that Heize was at No. 1 while my song couldn’t even go up on the charts. I hadn’t even heard of Heize before,” she joked.

“I later found out through my stylist that Heize was really popular these days, so I decided to look her up. Once I listened to her music, I understood why she was at No. 1. She’s cool and fresh,” Lee Hyori complimented.

Meanwhile, you can catch the previous episode of “Happy Together” below!

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