Girl’s Day Updates Fans On What They’ve Been Up To And Celebrates Their 7th Anniversary Together

Girl’s Day held a special Naver V App broadcast on July 9 to celebrate their 7th anniversary. Not only did the members update fans on what they’ve been up to, but they also decorated a cake to celebrate the occasion.

During the broadcast, the members said that they were gathering for the first time in three months. Hyeri revealed that she’s been busy filming her upcoming movie “Monster” (tentative title), Sojin talked about dyeing her hair, Yura cut her hair shorter, and Minah got her driver’s license. Fans congratulated Minah on the accomplishment and Hyeri teased her by saying, “I’m not going to get in any car you drive.” Minah replied with, “You’re going to be my first passenger,” making everyone laugh with the interaction.

Girl’s Day also talked about the fact that they’ve been a group for seven years. Smiling, they joked, “People keep calling us a long-time idol, but we’re not that old. We’re still young!” They also revealed that they had initially planned a surprise fan event at a park, but they had trouble finding a location due to it being monsoon season.

Sojin expressed how grateful the members are to their fans as she said, “I’m so happy to have gotten to seven years. I recently watched a video of us in our debut days, and I was so stiff and bad at dancing. I’m surprised we’ve been able to be loved for seven years as a dance group.” Yura added, “We want to thank everyone who’s been with us for seven years. Our fans always come see us whenever we have a scheduled activity, and we’re so grateful to see you wherever we go.”

The members concluded their broadcast by saying, “We hope that the four of us and our Daisies continue to be happy, healthy, and enjoy only good things in life. We really want to thank all the people in our agency as well for always helping us.”

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