Rapper Digiri Writes Apology For Controversy Surrounding “Show Me The Money 6” Judgement

After Tiger JK apologized for the controversial ruling that had many viewers questioning the fairness of the show, rapper Digiri posted his own apology.

On July 8, he posted a handwritten letter on his personal social media account. However, his account is currently set to private so the photos of the letter are being circulated by hip hop fans on various communities online.

The apology is apparently for both the controversial ruling as well as his decision to appear on public broadcast after coming under fire for evasion of mandatory military service earlier in his career.

According to these photos, he wrote, “I’m sorry for raising public criticism due to my inability to maintain a humble and reflecting attitude. I knew that I would create controversy if I appeared on broadcast… The last month has been nerve-wracking and that one day felt longer than the past 10 years I’ve been living alone.”

He went on, “[I appeared on ‘Show Me the Money 6’] by gathering all the courage I had and abandoning the 10 years I’ve lived as a recluse. When I went on stage for Round 2 and had the opportunity to perform by myself, the first thing I wanted to do was apologize to the citizens of Korea. I was so nervous and afraid and tried to hide it by smiling. After my introduction, I put all my heart into apologizing for my faults.”

“Because I was so nervous,” he continued, “the broadcast was edited so that only the nervous chatter came out on TV. Through all these interviews, 99 percent of my sincerity was edited out and only 1 percent of what I did was deemed enjoyable content. I regret this distorted image of myself. However, all the edited parts of me was still content I provided so it is correct that I am the one to blame.”

“Whether it’s 10 years ago or now, I will always reflect deeply on the evasion of military service issue and continue to live in regret. I completed my second round of military life with an apologetic frame of mind. However, the people around me left me and I’ve been living for 10 years alone without any way to convey my repentance. After becoming involved in controversy again, I’ve become afraid to go out into the world. To all the people who felt angry with ‘Show Me the Money’ as well as everyone who remembered me, I apologize once again.”

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