SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Unit Discusses What Has Changed Since Their Rookie Days

On July 9, SEVENTEEN’s hip hop unit participated in the “SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Team X LieV” V Live broadcast and communicated with their fans.

The members talked about the junior idols that referred to them as “SEVENTEEN sunbae-nim (seniors)” and expressed how strange it felt to have already become seniors to many junior idol groups. S.Coups said, “Being in our third year since debut, it doesn’t seem like a long time has passed, but it’s also not a short time. If you think about when we had just debuted, many things seem to have changed,” and asked the members, “What do you think has changed?”

Mingyu replied, “I think all of the members have matured. Preparing for this concert made the members feel greater responsibility for our stages.”

S.Coups added, “Now, I have the ambition of perfectly showcasing various types of music.”

S. Coups then said that he had something he had always wanted to ask Carats and asked what music genres they wanted to hear from SEVENTEEN besides the ones they were doing now. Fans commented various genres like ballad, jazz, indie, a capella, EDM, and more.

SEVENTEEN did not hesitate to express their love for their fans. S.Coups thanked Carats, saying that they always get inspiration from Carats when making music.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will soon embark on their first world tour “DIAMOND EDGE,” starting with Seoul on July 14.

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