Cube Trainee Yoo Seon Ho Adorably Describes Wanna One Members

Cube Entertainment trainee and former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Yoo Seon Ho recently sat down for an interview and talked about the members of Wanna One.

“I have so much to say about them, but I’ll be brief,” he began.

“I’m really close to Kang Daniel. It was awkward with Park Ji Hoon at first, but we’re a lot closer now. Lee Dae Hwi is like a friend, and Kim Jae Hwan is a good singer who’s really funny and playful,” Yoo Seon Ho explained.

He further shared, “I’m really close to Park Woo Jin as well. We got close right before the final live broadcast. Lai Guan Lin is like a brother, Yoon Ji Sung is like a dad, and Hwang Min Hyun is my brother (laughs). Bae Jin Young’s really like a friend, and Ha Sung Woon is like a grandma. I always call him ‘grandma.'”

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