Samuel Connects With Fans And Talks About His Upcoming Debut Album “Sixteen”

Samuel Kim was back to steal the nation’s hearts in a new Naver V App broadcast on July 10. He took the opportunity to communicate with fans and open up about what he’s been up to since leaving “Produce 101 Season 2.”

During the broadcast, he was as energetic and cheerful as one would expect from a 16-year-old. He would laugh and his face went bright red when he mispronounced words, and he even confessed that he recently went and got his ears pierced. Samuel Kim said, “I promised my mom I wouldn’t do it, but I wanted to look cool. It felt weird though, kind of like getting a shot in your butt.”

Samuel Kim also talked about his upcoming album “Sixteen,” which will be released on August 2. He stated that he would be traveling to Japan to film his music video, and that his album was originally going to have five songs but Brave Brothers had written him an intro track called “Jewel Box” to add to the track list.

He was also excited to talk about his collaboration with former I.O.I member Kim Chungha on a song called “With U.” Samuel Kim said, “I was so happy to be working with Kim Chungha, and I’m grateful that she agreed to feature on my album. The song is great and it’s perfect to listen to before the sun sets. She really elevated the song.”

Reaching 37 million “hearts” during his broadcast, Samuel Kim excitedly repaid his fans’ love and support by blowing kisses and hearts to the camera.

Are you excited for Samuel Kim’s debut album?

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