BLACKPINK Expresses Desire To Meet International Fans Soon While Sharing Future Goals

BLACKPINK has nothing but love for their fans, and that was made even clearer during their appearance on FM4U’s “Jung Yoo Mi’s FM Date” on July 10.

While talking about their future dreams, the members of BLACKPINK set goals for themselves. Lisa talked about the group’s upcoming debut performance in Japan later this month and said, “I want us to meet our international fans in person.”

Rosé confessed, “Because my family is currently living in Australia, I’d like to be able to perform in my hometown one day.” Jennie also added, “Thinking about it long term, I’d like for BLACKPINK to become a group whose music is enjoyed by people from all around the world.”

Jisoo also showed her love for their fans as she said, “We haven’t had many opportunities to meet our Korean fans. I have so much fun whenever we have fansign events, and I hope we get more opportunities to meet our fans and get to know them better.”

We’re sure that international fans share all of the members’ wishes, though Jennie’s goal might be something BLACKPINK has already accomplished, considering their impressive achievements so far!

What are your hopes for BLACKPINK in the future?

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