Kim Heechul Shares Terrifying Stories About Super Junior’s Sasaeng Fans

On the July 11 episode of KBS2’s “We Like Zines,” Kim Heechul met with Cosmic Girls to write a book called “Beginner’s Guide to Girl Groups.”

Kim Heechul joined the group in their van while on their way to their fan signing event, and the girls asked him if sasaeng fans had broken into Super Junior’s dorms in the past.

Kim Heechul then shared several terrifying stories about Super Junior’s sasaeng fans. “When I unlocked the door and entered the house, they’d be hiding and looking from places like the boiler room. It was that bad. They broke into our house and took out our underwear to take pictures, and they hung their own underwear there.”

He continued, “That happened all the time in the past. I once changed my phone number, and as I was leaving the service center, I got a text saying, ‘Even if you change your number we already know.'”

This all seemed bad enough, but Kim Heechul had one more story to tell. “At that time, our dorms were on the eighth floor of the apartment. We were chilling, wearing just underwear and a t-shirt, and then we got a text saying, ‘Donghae’s teddy bear underwear is so cute.’ We installed a curtain the very next day,” Kim Heechul said.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen anymore!

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