EXO Unveils Format And Design Of Upcoming “The War” Album

With about a week left till their comeback, EXO has shared details on the overall format of their upcoming album, which has a variety of features that fans are sure to love!

There will be three versions of the album, an “A” version, a “B” version, and a “Private” version. Not only will the three versions feature different album covers, CD designs, and photo books, but the “Private” version will include photos taken by the members themselves, as well as behind-the-scenes notes and commentaries about the nine tracks that will be included in the album.

Each album will come with one poster, and there are a total of eight posters, one of each individual member.

Not only this, but fans will be treated to two photo cards as well. Fans will be sent one of 9 cards from one set, which look like they complete one full image when put together. There will also be one photo card from either the “B” version set or the “Private” version set included as well.

Are you excited to get your copy of EXO’s upcoming album “The War”?